SX Partners

 Who are the SX Partners?
Industry leading organizations that support the Semantic Exchange with technology, services, and content.

SX Partners

The Semantic Exchange education initiative is supported by industry leading organizations listed here. SX partners are a forward looking group of industry leading organizations who provide semantic technology based products, services, solutions, and professional services. Some are showcasing their capabilities in ways that add functionality to this site. Some provide educational seminars and workshops. Also, SX partners provide opportunities for you to experience advanced capabilities through demos, sandboxes, and trials that you can access through this site. 

SX Partner pages address the following questions:

  • Who is the partner organization?
  • What is the partner URL?
  • What does the partner organization do? What are its capabilities? 
  • What demos, product sandboxes, services, etc. is the partner organization providing in connection with Semantic Exchange?
  • What products, services, solutions and/or professional services does the partner organization offer?
  • What industries and/or customer segments does the partner serve?
  • What partner reviews, case studies, and media coverage are available?
  • What’s new?

 Click on the company names below to learn more about each partner.