What is Semantic Exchange?
Semantic Exchange is a collaborative industry news, research, and education initiative about all things web 3.0 and semantic web, and sponsored by industry leading semantic technology providers.

Semantic Exchange educational activities include monthly webinars, briefings, publications, and media articles. It's hands on, too. Semantic Exchange brings you an open collaborative industry news, research, and education portal about all things web 3.0 and semantic web. This site is part semantic community wiki, part internet magazine, part technology showcase for new capabilities, and part knowledge outfitter where you can gain access to both commercial and open source tools, widgets, building blocks, and solution blueprints. Also, Semantic Exchange provides a “smart innovators laboratory” where public and private sector organizations can gain access to expertise, research, and technologies, and can conduct pilot tests to prove out the benefits of semantic solutions.

Semantic Exchange is a collective knowledge system for everything Web 3.0!

Industrt initiative

Who is it for?

Most people visiting the Semantic Exchange site know that semantic technologies are becoming a significant market and business opportunity. But, what all of us are having difficulty with is keeping up with how quickly semantic technologies have been maturing and how broadly they are now being applied across all industry sectors from consumer internet to enterprise applications and for new infrastructure from multi-core chips, to mobility, to web-scale cloud computing. The landscape is shifting rapidly. 

Whether you are a newcomer to semantic technologies or already have experience developing and applying them, the goal of Semantic Exchange is to answer your questions, help you better keep up with the rapid pace of technology and infrastructure development, and connect with the people and companies making the next stage of the internet happen. 

Web 3.0 is the next big thing. It's time to catch the wave.

Web 3.0 is our term for the next phase of internet evolution. It uses semantic technologies to cope with challenges of scale, complexity, security, and mobility, as well as provide intelligent, rich media interaction and autonomous behavior that make our experience of internet more relevant, useful, enjoyable (and profitable). This shift from information-centric to knowledge-centric patterns of computing and communication will fuel billion-dollar technology markets and trillion-dollar economic expansions worldwide over the next decade. Along with investors, technology developers, and enterprises in the public and private sectors, Semantic Exchange members want to know which opportunities to attack, what to build, what to buy, and why. 

Where does SX content come from?
From the net, from individual site members, from trusted sources. 

Semantic Exchange is a community website. Research, news, reviews and commentaries are user generated. Major support for this site comes from individual community members who share interest in semantic technologies and a passion for things Web 3.0. Semantic Exchange members contribute valuable research, as well as time to collaboratively edit, curate, and present the content of this site. 

We author and post content from blogs, digital media, documents, and events. Partner technologies help us harvest information of interest from across the net, tag it, organize it, analyze it, and present it for you to use. We're using semantic technologies to make this site as interesting, helpful, and useful as we can. 

What about copyright?
We respect the rights of content creators.

Semantic Exchange provides news, commentary, and research. Where possible, we make authored content available under creative commons licenses, and note this on the page. Our practice is to provide attribution for content excerpted under “fair use,” together with links to the source of copyrighted material. 

How is the site organized?
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