SemTech Demos

What are semantic technology demonstrations?
Semantic Exchange partner products and services helping to collect, connect, organize, search, navigate, interpret and present information of interest about all things Web 3.0 — semantic technologies, applications and markets.

Semantic technology demos showcase a range of capabilities, including:

  • Semantic acquisition of information and knowledge — Discovering and monitoring sources; harvesting data and information of interest; extracting knowledge; semantically tagging and enabling content 
  • Semantic organization of information and knowledge — Linking and correlating sources; connecting the dots; structuring content and semantic models
  • Semantic information access and reasoning  — Searching and navigating concepts and relationships; information fusion and mash-ups; semantic analysis, interpretation, and sense making; question answering
  • Semantic communication — Generate content and dialog  by computer; write, tabulate, diagram, visualize, summarize, present, report; provide intelligent user interface.

What information do SemTech Demo pages provide?
Basic description of the demo, capability provided, and how to use it.

SemTech Demo pages cover the following topics for each demo:

  • Demo name
  • Short description —Purpose, scope, features, and capability provided
  • Functions — Inputs, processes, outputs, and constraints/limitations
  • Use cases — step-by-step guide to operations
  • Screen shots
  • Other notes  

 Which Semantic Exchange partners are providing demos?
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